A festival of this type affords the opportunity for the talented music student to immerse himself/herself in an intense music performance program without the distractions of other subjects, other classes, and all other competing demands on their time. There is no question that one walks away from this experience greatly enriched and knowledgeable about the art of music.

I remember with great fondness the summer camps for music which I attended in junior high school and senior high school. The total immersion in music was a gift from heaven compared to the daily routine of the normal school year. I am sure you will all feel the same way during and, even more important, after the festival concludes.

We are all here together in the name of the great art that music is. We will all support each other and not let competitiveness be any part of our world.

I welcome you all!


John Perry
Artistic Director

We wish to make the festival a more holistic experience for the participants. The JPA Lecture Series differentiates our festival from many others. We invite successful artists and knowledgeable thinkers who can inspire students’ curiosity and interest by referring to the other arts, world history, political history, and spiritual entity. The Series includes a talk about how to present themselves in order to get engagements, also an in depth lecture on what goes into preparing a piano and details about regulation, tuning, etc., so the pianist is able to more intelligently converse with the piano technician. Being able to approach with the many-sided mind is helpful to have better understanding of everything happens in life and of course music is one of them.



The professional musical environment at California State University Northridge enables participants a complete learning experience. This school has a long established music department containing a beautiful concert hall, well equipped large piano teaching studios, and a large number of practice rooms. Boarding participants will be staying at dormitory that located on campus. This enables all participants to be bound in family-like atmosphere. Each dormitory complex has a kitchen and large living room for participants to have some fun time after long hours of lessons and practicing.



Due to increased demand for the Junior Academy Program last years, we are increasing the hours of courses. The Junior Academy will be an all-day program with daily master classes by various renowned pianists and pedagogues, which will provide more professional performing environment for young pianists. The settings remain very friendly, they will be introduced to the professional master class settings without feeling intimidated. They will also be able to watch the Academy Program closely.



We will be opening the door to the community with the Teaching Seminar on Friday, June 30th. It is designed to provide the opportunity for all of us to exchange our quesitons and ideas, in order to learn the art of pedagogy. It is very suitable for the senior students and parents as well, to have better understandings in the field of music. The conference consists panel discussion, master class, John Perry Q&A session, concert, etc.



Throughout the campus, there are many restaurants including Burger King, Panda Express, and several cafes. Each boarding student receives a room key-card and has the option to purchase a meal plan for breakfast and lunch. All purchases will be recorded under each participant’s name and can be reissued for a fee if lost. Therefore, all boarding students will have a safe and convenient way to take care of all their food needs.



Our staff and I will be overseeing the whole program constantly. Participants are welcome to come anytime so we can address their questions. We try to create an open, friendly learning environment where all of us can learn music to its fullest.



John Perry Academy Summer Piano Festival is founded for only one purpose in mind – to enrich your musical journey with positive experiences. We keep standing on this principle and we continue to be a festival that helps you to find your way of loving music, enjoying performances, and being happy to be yourself.

We hope to share a summer with you, filled by beautiful music. We look forward to welcoming you!



Mina Hirobe-Perry

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