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A festival of this type affords the opportunity for the talented music student to immerse himself/herself in an intense music performance program without the distractions of other subjects, other classes, and all other competing demands on their time. There is no question that one walks away from this experience greatly enriched and knowledgeable about the art of music.

I remember with great fondness the summer camps for music which I attended in junior high school and senior high school. The total immersion in music was a gift from heaven compared to the daily routine of the normal school year. I am sure you will all feel the same way during and, even more important, after the festival concludes.

We are all here together in the name of the great art that music is. We will all support each other and not let competitiveness be any part of our world.

I welcome you all!


John Perry
Artistic Director

To be inspired - it could sometimes be challenging for musicians when we are determined to perfect a piece, a passage, and yes, a note which requires hours and hours of practice. When quite a furious amount of the time spent at the piano daily working on the same piece, we sometimes get lost in repetition. The muscle starts showing the hard work, but where is the music? The heart and mind are way too exhausted.


We design our program with passion, to nurture your artistry, stimulate your curiosity, and expand your horizon. And importantly, we try to eliminate a sense of competitiveness here at JPA because we want you to feel safe to follow your heart for discovering your unique voice in your art.


We look forward to exploring music together with you!


Mina Hirobe-Perry

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