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Congratulations on your acceptance!

For those who were accepted, please pay the tuition for your program online or by mailing a check. Online costs include the transaction fee.


If you have an external scholarship and are paying a different amount than the ones offered here, please click here to pay and you will be redirected. If not, please pay on this page.

The fees for paying online are: 

Academy: $2933

Junior Academy: $844

Auditor Ticket (in person or online)*: $330

Online Academy: $1415

Online Junior Academy: $436

The fees for paying via check are:

Academy: $2850

Junior Academy: $820

Auditor Ticket*: $330

Online Academy: $1380

Online Junior Academy: $425

Mailed to:

​P.O. Box 551

Princeton NJ 08542

*Auditor tickets are valid for all events including recitals

Select an item ($)

Thanks for submitting, we are excited to see you this summer!

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